The Tai Chi Way with Ron Erdman-Luntz

[Note: This post is part of a series I am writing that is part of my memoirs. Enjoy!]

I walked into the bakery and the scene unfolded like a kung-fu movie. In the back, among sacks of flour and huge mixing bowls, two young men were fighting.  I stood mesmerized. High kicks, fast punches, light and barely touching.

So much energy and movement.

They were obviously not trying to hurt each other, matching skill, stamina and strength in a fluid cooperative way. This was kung-fu sparring, freestyle and creative, born through discipline and expertise.  

At that moment the hand of destiny touched me, no doubt guided my footsteps to this place and time. Like some ancient wisdom that rings true the moment you hear it, I knew this was my destiny.

In a few short months I was working at the bakery, but being accepted as a student took much, much longer.