Private Tai Chi Intensive:

Immerse yourself in the Tai Chi lifestyle and work privately with Ron. You will meet with Ron wherever you want in the world to focus on you and your needs. You will receive Ron’s forty years of experience just for you.

Are you looking for:

  • Deeper meaning in life?
  • More balance in the life you are already living?
  • More meaning in your day to day living?
  • Feeling grounded amongst what feels like a busy life. 

Tai Chi can help you deepen your experience of life so you feel you are living a more authentic life.

You will receive an exclusive Tai Chi program designed just for you which may include:

  • Learning Tai Chi and Chi Kung movements.
  • Learning about energy and vibration and how to find balence and harmony within and without. 

And you will be left with a plan you can implement to continue your study.

Since the program is completely individualized, this offer is appropriate for beginners to advanced students and can be adapted to work with one person or a group of people.

 Contact Ron directly to discuss the possibilities.