Tai Chi and Chi Kung (Qigong) video with Ron Erdman-Luntz

Demonstrational DVD (36 minutes)

This DVD shows Ron performing the Eight Pieces of Silk, The Short Form, The Medium Form, The Sword Form, and The Long Form.

$19.99 plus applicable tax and shipping and handling.


The Short Form – Follow Along Video

Ideal for Ron’s students or anyone wanting video support.  Follow along with all the familiar verbal instruction that Ron gives in class. More advanced students can turn off the audio and just follow the visual.  The short form is presented two times on this video.  The first time the camera is placed behind (students perspective) this is to be followed along.  The second time the camera is placed in front, this is to be watched.

$19.99 plus applicable tax and shipping and handling.

NEW DVD COMING SOON: Easy Tai Chi for Seniors

Studies have proven Tai Chi is beneficial for seniors.  Tai Chi helps improve balance, relaxation, and loosens up stiff and achy bodies.  In this fabulous new DVD Ron will guide your through easy to follow Tai Chi exercises.  Interested?  Email Ron directly to be notified when it is released.

To order e-mail Ron at: Ron@TaiChiWithRon.com